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Couple weeks ago I mentioned over on Instagram I'm changing my daughter's bedroom. She is eight and half, and it felt like a good time to change things around. She a bit more grown up, she likes her own space but still enjoys having favourite toys and her trinkets around her. She chose blue paint for one of the walls and I decided on Stiffkey Blue by Farrow and Ball. This colour is absolutely magical. It's velvety, quite deep soft colour. I'm not a huge fan of blue, but this shade doesn't feel cold at all, more like a nice fluffy velvet coat. If that's how you can describe colour...Anyway I kept same furniture, just added new accessories and pictures. Anya is very happy with it and I love it too. What do you think?

I put all links and prices for the items featured under this post, in case you like them. 

Star Sign Picture - sarah & bendrix KIDS - £69.00White Dream Catcher - £39.50 by Hippieby Vicki on Etsy, It's a Wild World by Smallternative on Etsy - £12.50Silence print by ClareElsaesser on Etsy - £16.70Molecul Paper Mobile - sarah & bendrix KIDS - £35.00Set of Woodland Animals - sarah & bendrix KIDS £39.00Deer Doll - sarah & bendrix KIDS - £25.00Lady Doll - sarah & bendrix KIDS - £25.00Magnetic Wooden Cat - sarah & bendrix KIDS - £17.00Magnetic Giraffe - sarah & bendrix KIDS - £16.00Set of 6 Coloured Animals  - sarah & bendrix -  £50.00Personalise Drawstring Bag - sarah & bendrix KIDS - £3.50Oak Hanging Frame - cox and cox - £35.00Doll House /shelf - discontinued - cox and coxBedding - Liewood - £38.00Yellow Cushion from Smallable - £30.00Pink Cushion - Smallable - £17.50 Shake the world Print - Olive et Oriel - $24.50A Dream Is a Wish Print - Olive et Oriel - $39.50

Table - Ikea, Chair - ebay, white light - ikea, bed - online, sorry I can't remember the original source, radio - Pure, butterfly picture - gift, small chair - ebay, rug - john lewis, black and white drawings by my dad, gift for Anya.