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About us


We are a small studio. Online & brick and mortar shop. Based in Surrey UK.

We create and sell items created by us, by other designers, illustrators, makers.

We sell locally but also ship all our items worldwide. You can find them anywhere from Los Angeles to London, Scandinavia, Australia or South Africa. 

Hi, my name is Veronika and I live in Surrey, UK. In 2009 when my daughter was about one I made a gift for a friends wedding. After encouragement from friends and a few fellow bloggers I decided to set up a small online shop. A wedding gift turned into a hobby, the hobby turned into a passion, and passion into a full time business. My daughter was still very little and I worked at our kitchen table into the early morning hours. Packing orders at 2.30am and getting up for her at 6am. The business started to grow and I was able to hire a friend to help me. In a few years I moved from our kitchen to a small studio upstairs and then to our first office. My team slowly grew into ten members. There were ups and downs; often filled with mothers guilt but also times of huge happiness. The team has gone through changes but it still remains small and personal.
In 2014 we decided to introduce items for children, wooden toys, prints and home accessories. We feel passionate about stocking products from other small independent designers; helping them to grow their businesses and support them in their work. By buying our products you make it possible for us to continue our journey. We would love if you could join us and get to know us more. Email us, connect with us over at social media, give us a call. We want to get to know you more as well!
 We believe in quality over quantity, that good design is timeless and doesn't have to be complicated.
There is no real sarah or bendrix working for the company. sarah & bendrix are two characters from one of my favourite books by Graham Greene The end of Affair. Good reading, and film.