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About us

 We believe less is more and in quality over quantity.

That good design doesn’t have to be complicated and simple is beautiful.

We take traditional wooden toys and give them modern twist,

make them relevant but still timeless and classic. 


STORY behind the brand 
Hi, my name is Veronika. I started at my kitchen table in 2009 creating and selling personalised pictures whilst on maternity leave. The business slowly grew and I was able to move from our home and employ staff to help out with my shop.
In 2013 we introduced wooden toys to our range. Being a mum to a small child I was overwhelmed by the amount of choices for her to play with and was adamant my little one wouldn’t grow up with tons of plastic toys around her.
We believe children can be raised with a smaller selection of toys and books.
Items which will encourage their imagination, creativity and learning.
Twelve  years on and my daughter has grown to be a young girl with a vivid imagination, who loves reading and is able to solve problems. And although my husband used to say our daughter hasn’t got almost any toys, she grew up completely fine!
I borrowed the name Sarah & Bendrix from a book The End Of Affair by Graham Green. As our first products were mainly wedding and anniversary oriented and the name has stayed with us for the last decade. They are the two main characters from the sad but beautiful love story.